How A 26-year-old African Entrepreneur Turned Her $500 into $2 million online

Few years ago, a lady called Kelechi Anyadiegwu,  started her online African clothing store Zuwaa with a capital sum of $500. Initially,  she  had the thought of sharing her “African-inspired” designs with buyers around the globe. In 2016, Zuvaa’s estimated income in sales totals $2 million.

After Kelechi was  praised on her dress, the then 24-year old lady, who had great skill in the use of technology purchased a domain name and set up various social media accounts.

In a CNN interview held in New York , Kelechi  confessed that she had no idea what she was putting herself into. She just had this dream and was happy about where it would lead her to.

She further stated that being a woman from Nigeria, she grew up amidst African prints and fashions.  She grew up loving fashion and wore some customized clothing that people loved to appreciate.

Rather than satisfying the curiosity of these buyers and referring them to designers she knew, the young lady saw a great opportunity for business. She decided to apply her skills in social media marketing and other online sites which would create an avenue to uncover many African-inspired fashion designers  she knew existed around the globe.

Although being a tech entrepreneur is very difficult, Anyadiegwu’s solid education prepared her for her upcoming success. Completing her studies on User Experience Design in the U.S., Kelechi combined her love for being an  African representative on the world stage, her enthusiasm for designs and mad skills in technology

According to her, she has always been a technology expert and has been curious to know how technology and design could be used in changing the lives of people. She stated how Zuvaa brought in one place everything she was interested in; her love for Africa, her keen eye for fashion and tech expertise.

If there was something she never wanted, it was  a traditional 9 to 5 job . Also, her days were much longer than 9-5. She complained about how she had been so consumed in her work on Zuvaa from the time she wakes up to when she goes to bed.

According to her prediction, she believes that zuvaa is on a path to $2 million in gross sales this year.

The word “ZUVAA” originates from the word “Zuva” used by the people of Shona in Zimbabwe to mean sun or sunshine. Kelechi’s vision for the company is very much visible. She said that the purpose of Zuvaa is for producing a platform for artisans, consumers and people around the globe who are hungry to learn the tales told behind their garments, their origin and the people behind such work.

She ended the interview by saying that people are really happy that their African-inspired garments are be coming more and more popular with the help of people fom their communities. Others are amazed with the online market that is in existence outside Africa and how the world’s interest is gradually coming down to their local communities.