24 Hours In The Life Of A Lagosian

Lagos can be that bad guy who loves partying with ladies in the night and wakes up in the morning dressed as a corporate boss with impeccable leadership qualities.  The megacity is an imposing city you can never ignore in Africa. With 24 hours, a resident in Lagos has a lot of time to explore the city, shake some destinations with activities, eat in some fanciful restaurants and discover hidden parts of the city that are away from the tourists’ eyes.

If you are a visitor, be prepared to experience the unexpected, dress as an adventure if you are thinking of conquering some parts of the city because it is in a tropical region.  Immediately, you step out of your plane, and you will be enveloped by the dense heat that is not annoying. Lagos is bold, big and brash with hustling and bustling hyped in most parts of the city.

A wakeup call to a typical Lagos is to dash to work with the constant tooting of horns pushing them to hurry to their destinations.  The noise and buzzes are not ending except in midnights when more than half of the city has slept leaving party owls to own the city.

Eating Out

Some of the finest restaurants and bars in the country are located in Lagos. There is no better place to eat cheap than Lagos despite its opulence affair. Authentic traditional cuisine can be served in many places in the city. For those who want to hang out with friends and unwind, they can go for isi-ewu (goat head) with cold drinks.


A day in Lagos is tempting with the number of colorful and lively markets like Balogun market or the Computer village.  A typical Lagosian can easily find a way through the busy markets, but for a visitor, it can be safer to move with a local who knows the secret of these markets. The haggling experienced in Lagos markets can be nothing short of crazy. You will learn to haggle like a Lagosian to get things half the asking prices of some goods.


Lagos has five beaches to unwind, tourists spots to explore and many relaxation spots to calm you after the running around in Lagos. The beautiful thing about Lagos is that it is extravagant and still affordable. Everyone has a place in this megacity that offers a place for everyone to spend their leisure. Lagosians know how to enjoy their leisure. It is either they are relaxing beside pools, in bars or at home. There is something for tight budgets and the very rich when it comes to relaxation.


There is no Lagos without a party. Even if it is not weekend that can be crazy because of parties here and there, every night in Lagos is vibrant. The city cannot sleep, making it one of the few places in Africa that maximize its time.


Whether you are rich to sleep in Shelton Hotel or struggling to survive, there is a place for you to sleep. The city is accommodating, dashing out posh hotels and slums. A Lagosian ends the day at home to sleep.

24 hours in the life of Lagosian is filled with fun and an unending stream of activities. Sometimes, we wished the time is still for us to see the whole of Lagos. With the many mind-blowing edifices, beautiful water worlds, romantic gardens and hidden relaxation spots, there is no dull moment for you in Lagos.