2 Top Start up Businesses That Support Millions of Kenyans

Kenya is a tourist haven for tourists around the world, and still maintain its lead in business development. Over the years, we have seen companies rise to change the lives of millions of people. However, we have fished out two businesses that have gone the extra miles in ensuring that the people of Kenya benefit by its innovations.


This is an establishment in Kenya which is aimed at profession  advancement. it started functioning in the year 2015.They focused in helping their people get jobs without challenges.  Getting jobs is one of the issues that millions of Africans pass through, and when a job is gotten, it is always guided jealously.

Fuzu developed features for profession guide, educative means and   latest vacant business opportunities. They help to carry and direct the clients in all levels of their professions. The innovation gives owns of firms enhanced exploration on enrollment options with reliable examination with sequential status to recognize the most suitable participant .

The establishment realized about $1.88 million in December 2016, as a result of support from Rockefellers foundation Accenture. They channeled this fund in their enterprise improvement and spreading out from its current location to other African nations and even Asia.



This is one of the important  software  establishment which is focused in the current need formed by the firm issues, it is an application that has options for total   vehicles present, enshrined into a particular structure enabling users to demand attention in the hospitals using android device.

Currently there is no better enhanced operational crisis reply transmission than 911.Previously in Nairobi it took enough time to be able to hire an ambulance service .

During crisis,patients find it difficult  find or join a personal ambulance firm using their various mobile numbers .At times they are ignorant of their suggestions and as a result of this they spend serious time, Whereas they are about 100 present ambulance services waiting for someone to call them within Nairobi and environs.

One of the  co -initiator by name Caitlin Dolkart confirmed that the software was invented and linked to ambulance firms in the year 2016. Flare has increased financial support of about $150,000 and still counting in the previous section of the year to enhance a total profitable beginning.

Since these companies started their projects, lives have been saved in the country, jobs have been provided and a great workforce has been developed through reliable written tests. The money for these type of investments may not come cheap. However, there are available funds or loans that can be taken from different firms to start up a business in Africa. The bottom line is that innovation is the key to winning loans. If you have an idea that change the world especially Africa, there are tens of companies and investors waiting for you.  Flare and Fuzu are not the only new companies that have made a difference, there are many other companies that have also supported the people of Kenya with their products.