13 Ways To Style Crotchet Twists Without band or Pins

Back in the days, when our grandmothers were the ladies turning heads on the streets, crochet twists was their thing. Today, this hair style has come back and we are loving it.  There are different styles of crotchet twists you can make use of like the Marley twists braids, jumbo or the Havana twists.  Look around, some of your friends may be carrying enviable crotchet twists and you are wondering how you can get it.

Curly and kinky is gradually beating the straight or wavy hair styles.  The techniques of crotchet have come a long way especially from the 90’s.  Thanks to Instagram and Youtube, that has helped us with preserving how to style our hair.

Today, you can wear crotchet twists without any difficulty.  We have a video that will help you style your crotchet twists without pins or bands.