10 Best Lagos Nightclubs for Night Crawlers

Are you a night owl who feeds on clubbing and night activities? Lagos, Nigeria, can be your destination with its vibrant bars, clubs, and lounges. There is no dull moment when you step out at night to embrace the activities that await you. From the Island to Mainland, there is no shortage of party hubs for you.

Whether you want to relax and watch people dance or mingle with new friends, Lagos would impress you with its nightclubs.

We have listed some of the places you can visit if you want to explore the nightlife in this metropolitan city.

Get Lost at Club Vegas

Club Vegas has become a hub for people who want to mix pleasure with luxury. The dance floor offers you different dance steps that align with music from blaring loudspeakers.

Club Vegas mimics the gambling experience of Las Vegas. If you want to try your hands on gambling, you can come over here.

Enjoy the Ambiance at Bay Lounge

Do you want to experience what it means to have a great night with a great ambiance? Bay Lounge offers you a vibrant atmosphere with an oceanfront view and a live band. Everything seems complete in nightlife when you come to Bay Lounge.

Explore the Sailors Lounge

Sailors Lounge brings you real entertainment at night. You mingle and chill with fun seekers who want a slice of Lagos’s nightlife.  It has a bar and restaurant that provide you with premium drinks and seafood.  Sometimes, you can come here for some special events.  If you love good music, you may not want to stay away from Sailors Lounge at night.

Rekindle Your Night Craving at Ember Creek

You don’t have to spend time to find Ember Creek at McGregor Creek. If you have dreamed of having a waterfront experience at night, Ember Creek provides you with such an opportunity.  Ember Creek has a fashion café, a restaurant and a terrace with a waterfront view.

Get Pampered at Quilox

Quilox has become a coveted nightclub for people who want to have the best of everything in a club.  From meeting influential people like celebrities to making new friends, Quilox has stood out with its uniqueness.

The midnight clubbing keeps your feet busy with tapping to songs and your body rocking to the music. You cannot imagine what happens here if you have not visited.

Stop at Prive Lounge

Prive Lounge exhibits a stylish nature that attracts night owls to it.  You can come with many friends because it can accommodate at least 300 people in one sitting. Comfort and luxury are not lost whenever you come to Prive Lounge.

The well-furnished cigar room on the rooftop terrace gives you the privacy you desire and comes with complete cabanas.

Rock Your Body at Club 57

Club 57 offers night owls an opportunity to express their craving for night activities. Whether you want pleasure or relaxation, Club 57 has many avenues for you to explore. From its restaurant, where you enjoy great meals to its lounges for night activities, Club 57 does not disappoint.

Try the Night Activities at Sea Lounge

Everyone coming to Sea Lounge has one thing in mind- night adventure. You don’t explore Lagos nightlife without visiting Sea Lounge. You may want to use the boat cruise ride for another experience when you visit.

Club 57’s outdoor setting does not disappoint because of its premium appearance and available activities for everyone.

Escape to Club Escape

What do you desire in a Lagos night activity? If you want to step away from the norm and have a great nightlife experience, come to Club Escape. Indeed, you escape from mundane night activities to a premium experience.

The club understands what it means to have fun at night, and nothing was spared to make this happen. Just like its name, you escape from Lagos’ day activities and unwind without a care in the world.

End Your Night Tour at The Vault

If you have moved around Lagos in search of pleasure and unending activities, you can end your search at the Vault. Whether you want music, food, or drink, you would get them in abundance.  Everything in the Vault has been prepared to make you feel at home and ready for a party.