10 Best African Street Foods

From Nigeria to Morocco, South Africa to Senegal, and every nook and cranny of Africa, street food can be a lifesaver to millions of Africans. Today, tourists have found love in these foods that they have gained international recognition.

Trying out our local street food tells a lot about a country. Thinking of the street you can try out when you visit, here are some samples.

Sardines – Morocco

A taste of Moroccan’s sardines keep you asking for more. Morocco is the home of sardines and they do the largest export of this food on the continent. The country has its version of this food, which is the spicier version. Sardine food has become the signature of the country and comes with chips which makes it extra street trendy.

Dholl Puri – Mauritius

Dholl puri is the street food from Mauritius, a country with diverse food culture. The country’s cuisine is influenced by Creole, French, Indian and Chinese heritage. Some people consider the food as a national food of Mauritius. The food comprises thin fried bread stuffed with ground yellow split peas and served in a pair with bean curry, atchar, and chutney. It is very tasty and loved by the people of the country.

Chichinga – Ghana

People love chichinga, one of Ghana’s street food. The tasty kebabs are made from beef or sausages. The street food is made with suya (grilled beef) and a hot, spicy peanut marinade, which is infused with ginger, garlic, and chili. Everything is drizzled over any type of meat before being grilled until crisp and succulent. You dont want to miss this if you are in Ghana.

Forodhani and Dafu – Zanzibar

While Zanzibar is a food paradise, Forodhani, which is nicknamed ‘Zanzibar pizza’ is the most preferred. The food is a mixture of vegetables, egg, and mayo, and meat wrapped in very thin dough and then fried. Young coconuts, known as Dafu, are popular snacks too. Definitely a most eat if in Zanzibar.

Akara – Nigeria

A taste of Akara leaves you asking for more. Little wonder the street food is sold everywhere in the country. Akara can be eaten in different ways, including with bread or pap and is loved by the local poluation.

Koshary, Taameya and Fuul Medammis – Egypt

 Koshary is the most popular street food in Egypt. The food is made of pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, onions, and garlic.

Taameya is made of fava beans, and fuul medammis, is also made of fava beans and cooked on a pot that sits on fire is usually eaten with it. Another most try if visiting Egypt.

Potato Bhajia – Kenya

Have you tasted potato bhajia? The Kenyan street food is called Aloo Pakodi bhajia, which means battered potato, in Swahili.

Accara – Senegal

Accara is a crispy black-eyed-bean fritter that is served with a tomato-and-onion-based hot sauce called kaani.

Mozambican Prawns – Mozambique

Mozambican prawns are grilled or fried and spiced with a fiery peri peri sauce, served with either French fries or rice

Bunny Chow – South Africa

Bunny chow originated from Durban in the province of KwaZulu Natal and suits their different culinary tastes. The food is a hollowed bread that is filled with a hot curry

Which of these street foods have you tasted? Do you have a favourite when it comes to these street meals?